Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Last post of the day, I promise. Just to show you while i`m on a roll, about the Bunyards broad beans, that I have just planted.

Now usually I would put these straight into the ground, but them pesky pigeons, sometimes end up with a free meal, once the seeds shoot up. So I`m going to start them a little different.

I`ve got some pod trays with 9 pods to a tray, then i`ve popped half cut toilet rolls inside these pods.

Filled each pod to about 3/4 full, making sure the compost is slight compacted down. Popped one bean seed into each pod, then covered to the top of the toliet rolls with compost. Now even though the compost is moist, i`ve found the cardboard soaks this up, so it`s best to give the trays a bit of a soaking now. I`m going to pop these in to the greenhouse until, they start stooting and then take it from there, but will keep you informed, each step of the way. Together i`ve potted up 32, so I will see how I go with these

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