Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Well good morning everyone and today, I am starting with my tomato seeds. The seeds that i`ve chosen are `Roma VF`, because you can start these off in January and ideal for planting outside later on. I`ve planted 6 seeds in the heated propagator and 3 seeds on the window sil and these I haven`t covered with glass or plastic bag.

1. I started with 2 half size seed trays

1.Then filled to about just over half inch below the top of the tray, with compost and spaced the seeds evenly in the compost. Then covered the seeds with more compost and sparingly watered the whole trays. I didn`t want to soak the seeds, as the compost was already moist. Then the tray with the 6 seeds went into the heated propagator and the tray with the 3 seeds onto the kitchen window sil.

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