Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Well good afternoon to anybody out there. Welcome to, what I hope will be a bit of fun for everyone. I am in no means a great grower, an amature at heart, but what I have grown in the past, I have been very pleased with. I am one for just putting the seed in and seeing what happens and I never really go by any rules, as to me I think of growing a relaxing and fun way to unwind.

I have been helping my father-in-law for the past few years, with his allotment, but I must stress I do not write down and compare anything I have grown in the past. I have now been able to aquire an allotment of my own and so I thought it fun to start a diary and then be able to look back and maybe compare my good, bad and sad efforts.
I hope you join in and read my diary and maybe add a comment or 2, to maybe help me on my way.

I have cleaned and cleared out my greenhouse all ready for this years growing season. So wish me luck.

Hugs Val xxx

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