Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jungle of weeds at the allotment

Good afternoon, well sorry I haven`t been on here for a while, but you know what it`s like. Hopefully now the weather is getting a little bit better i will be getting on with my growing.
Today was the first day since october, that I went up to the allotment (naughty me!) I thought it would be a complete jungle, but was surprised to find it not too bad. We managed to get this back in August and when we took this over, it was a complete jungle with weeds and plants 5-6 ft tall. So we cleared most of this to get an idea of what we really were in for. The allotment is 22 rods in size, which really doesn`t mean much to me, but it`s big!. But we aquired from the previous owner 3 raised beds, 3 strawberry beds, very tall and large growning frame and a fruit cage that goes right across the width of the plot, plus other bits and pieces.
So off I plodded this morning, with fork in hand, geared up to tackle the jungle that lay ahead. When I got there, this is what faced me. Picture #1 is from the top of the allotment, pict#2 shows the overgrown part on my right, pic#3 4 and 5 shows the rest of the plot. I cleared away most of the metal mesh, cages etc to tidy up a bit, then wheeled down 6 black bags filled with wet horse muck, that was left for whoever wants it. Then started digging out one of the raised beds, but the wood was rotten, so out this will have to go. Anyway enough of my rambling on, until next time. Hugs Val xxx

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